Cotton Custom Made Sheets

100% cotton has stood the test of time and is the most common option for those wanting custom made sheets. Cotton is a comfortable choice as it will naturally “breathe and absorb moisture”.

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric both vertical and horizontal. Assuming you are looking for the softest and most durable sheet, the higher thread count will always be the best. Steer clear of sheets less than 200 thread count.

Available all year round in a selection of neutral colours, these ranges of cotton sheeting can also be available in seasonal
colour options so if you would like a particular colour – just ask us!

If, like us, you are concerned about looking after our environment ask us about organic cotton as we are currently exploring these options:
100% cotton 300 thread count
Light and crisp, this sheeting is easy to launder and
get back on the bed quickly. A practical option
for those who prefer cotton.
100% cotton 400 - 600 thread count
Soft and sensuous, this sheeting is a more luxurious
option for those who want to maintain a level
of high quality whilst travelling.
100% cotton 1000 thread count
Rich and decadent, this sheeting is quite weighty and
will require extra time and care in the laundry but the efforts will be rewarded come bedtime.
WARNING: requires ironing! Not for the practical traveler…

100% cotton waffle blanket
Commercial quality, these beautiful blankets
are light in summer and add an extra layer of
warmth during winter. A great option to combine
with the microfibre blanket during winter for the colder months. A great natural look!


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